We are a commercial-scale manufacturer of iPS-derived human hepatocytes for science and industry.

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What We Do

Make primary human hepatocytes from stem cells.

Modify them using CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing tools.

Mature and multiply them in in vivo incubators.

Hepatocytes are the principal cells in the liver. They metabolize nutrients and detoxify chemicals, making them essential tools for drug development and medical research. Until recently, the only source of primary human hepatocytes was cadaveric livers.

Advances in stem-cell technology have changed that. Now there’s a way to use blood cells or collect fibroblasts from a patient’s skin and convert them into human hepatocytes.

Benefits we Deliver

Quality. Consistency. Reliable Quantities.

For decades the scarcity of fully functional human hepatocytes has been a limiting factor for science and industry. Our integrated cell production method yields billions of consistent, high-quality, fully functional human hepatocytes for less than the current cost of far inferior products. 

A reliable supply pipeline of primary hepatocytes supports drug innovation and enables new cell therapies for life-threatening liver diseases.

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