Company Overview

We offer a viable solution to the scarcity of fully functional primary human hepatocytes.

Von Baer Wolff is focused on the fabrication of human hepatocytes with one primary goal: To become the premier supplier of iPS-derived human hepatocytes to science and industry.

Our technology is complex but its benefits are easy to measure. Significant cost savings, improved drug safety and effectiveness, and hope for those affected with liver disease. An abundant supply of human hepatocytes empowers researchers to explore new ideas that can positively impact patient outcomes. 


Faster, cheaper drug discovery and development.

It currently costs about $1B to develop a new drug.  It’s a huge investment, especially since roughly 75 percent of all new drugs fail to clear the first hurdle—Phase 1 clinical trials. Currently critical ADMET tests—drug metabolism studies that track a drug’s absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity—are conducted using hepatocytes from cadavers, rodents or pigs. 

None of these options are ideal. With a plentiful supply of healthy human hepatocytes, drug candidates can be vetted using the best possible model. 


Cell therapies for inherited liver diseases.

We can combine our core cell technology with CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology to offer autologous hepatocyte transplantation to correct single-gene mutations that cause metabolic liver disease. 

Our team is comprised of experienced scientists and practical business leaders. Meet the Team